Product & Services

IMC provides a wide variety of technical advisory services which are designed to minimize costs and save money. We find effective ways to help manage the risks and we are always seeking ways to help enhance the stakeholder’s value.   We deliver the following services for setting up of Islamic leasing companies:
  1. Preparation of feasibility reports;
  2. Management and Technical advisory;
  3. Necessary tools, viz. Product Development, Recruitment & training, IMC’s “State of Art” Information  Technology facilities, etc. to kick-start the company.

What will IMC do ?

  1. Act as a regulator to ensure that all leasing companies under its umbrella will follow the best corporate governance.
  2. Best Financial indicators, i.e. Debt equity, provisioning policy, ROE, etc. Ensure good economic policies and prudent measures in terms of what products to promote.
  3. Best operational indicators, i.e. productivity per employee, profitability per employee, increased customer and employee satisfaction.

IMC will ensure –

  1. Quick start up time and reduce start up costs resulting in huge savings in pre- incorporation stage.
  2. Best international policies and practices are implemented in the start up companies.
  3. State of the art technology in terms of software and hardware.
  4. Uninterrupted operations by setting up centralized disaster recovery sites and back up centers.
  5. New products are developed based on Shariah principles for the developing markets.
  6. Career path and growth for the employees of the leasing companies under its management.
  7. Best returns to its shareholders & other stakeholders.
  8. Review existing lease strategy, if any, in detail and suggest improvements thereon.

IMC State of the Art

Ijara Management System

IMC’s Ijara Management System is designed for leading leasing companies committed to differentiating themselves and driving additional revenue. The solution is designed to meet and exceed customer expectations and to improve return on investment (ROI).   The solution provides you with crucial advantages in ease-of-use, functional breadth, extensibility and performance. It offers complete flexibility and control, so you can promote your brand, and your unique way of servicing your customers.   Additionally, Business Central provides you with access to system configuration tools and reporting for audit, business analysis, performance and operational purposes.

Client Management System

In a competitive business environment, it is important to have a Client Management system (CMS). IMC’s CMS not only organizes the information for the contacts you work with, but also for the companies. IMC’s Client Management System permits you to easily review the contact information for the people and companies you work with as well as giving you access to a history of the communication.

Accounting System

IMC’s accounting system can make an enormous difference in the capabilities of leasing company. IMC’s accounting system spans the spectrum from simple and straight-forward to feature-rich and highly-capable. The accounting system is the foundation of leasing accounting system. It collects transaction details from other modules such as Ijara management and deposit mobilization allowing finance division to prepare key financial reports like balance sheet, profit and loss and ledgers.

Disaster Recovery Centers

As IT systems have become increasingly critical to the smooth operation of a company, and arguably the economy as a whole, the importance of ensuring the continued operation of those systems, or the rapid recovery of the systems, has increased. For this purpose IMC has establish sophisticated and hi-tech disaster recovery center in Jeddah and Bahrain offices to facilitate IMC leasing companies to continued their operation without any interruption.

Value add by IMC

  1. Profitable operations from year 1 resulting in focused project implementation.
  2. Ensure Proper internal controls in place.
  3. Go in for shared back office services in the areas of Accounts Receivables & Payables, based on the volumes which results in cost savings.
  4. Introduction of scientific credit appraisals and risk assessment solutions and portfolio monitoring tools which results in reduced NPA’s.
  5. Prepare the companies for going in for IPO where applicable.
  6. Provide expert advice to manage the costs associated with overheads, treasury and resource mobilization, etc.

Services Pricing:

"Fee-for-Service"- We typically bill on a time-and-materials basis.  Our hourly rates are modest and vary based on the type of activity involved –preparation of manuals, software support, product development, recruitment and training, etc.  No matter the activity, we stand behind our commitment. The fees may also be agreed to be remunerated by way of allotment of sweat equity. "Gain-Sharing"- Sharing in the savings creates a long-term, collaborative relationship with our clients.  We will establish clear definitions of savings and benchmark your current position to make the most accurate savings calculation possible.