About IMC


Ijara Management Company(IMC) is a fully owned subsidiary of ICD

With ICD’s vision to set up 20 Islamic leasing companies over a period of 5 years (either fully

owned or through local partners) and to ensure that all these companies follows the highest

standards of Corporate Governance and best International practices, IMC assists in setting up of

Ijara Companies with the following objectives :

  • To build, manage and advise existing or startup companies in the Islamic Leasing Sector (Ijara) in the member countries of ICD & beyond, by providing complete solution including, but not limited to software, policies, product, procedure, training and top level management.
  • To conduct feasibility studies and arrange equity placements.
  • To assist in setting up Islamic financing window for the conventional leasing companies.
  • To work with various regulators and governments to establish leasing laws to enable Ijara companies to grow and add value to the economy.
  • To restructure existing loss making Ijara companies.
  • To help ICD & other financial institutions in setting and managing Ijara funds.